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Archive for July 2008

5 minutes past midnight. Time and distance are not on my side.

So I was on the bigger computer, going through some movies to see which movie I should see. I fast forwarded to a scene from “From Hell” showing the real Jack The Ripper and his famous quote, and came across its most powerful scene. What is frightening about that scene is not how the images are portrayed or how glory is said to be found in some murders for a person. No. The frightening thing was outside the movie, to see the reaction on the face of Elmo to see how scared Elmo was.

Elmo traumatized by Jack the Ripper

It was easy to be distracted by the new camera. So as I took the picture above, the fear from Elmo’s face was gone, and along came the yippety yippeing blah blah, the random blabbing from Elmo. Elmo has probably been around me too much. I guess the camera did cause Elmo to get distracted.

Elmo told me to take pictures of the house as it was a very hot night, and I agreed. We did not know why the house being hot meant pictures should be taken, but we agreed. I started by taking a picture of one of the lights in the house. The first one was how when a light shines, the surrounding is actually dark. What a sad happiness, that I would be like this light, shining brightly to guide others, but not seeing anything else to guide my own self.