dog health remedies

dog health remedies

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Cat urinating Q: One of our female cats continues to urinate at different locations in our home.she has been with us for a year and a half and is the youngest of our 3 cats. i use natures miracle for odor control and a product called feliway pheromone spray. both of these help but she just picks a new location. would the homeo pet anxiety relief help? she gets along with the older 2 cats and does not seem to be high strung. she does seem to be needy and loves us. what can we do?
A: I dont like to use combination homeopathic remedies for such problems. if you want to try homeopathic approach i would work with vet homeopath one on one which can be done over phone as well for constitutional homeopathic treatment also make sure vet has ruled out cystitis with urine check. can also try drug like amitryptylline which can help with both behavioral issues and low grade inflammation of bladder. also consider cosequin for cats from 1800petmeds which is good for bladder health long term
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Lyme complications Q: My 8 yr old shep/husky/aussie/golden mix was diagnosed with lyme last year. we have had him vaccinated against it for 4 years, but apparently he contracted it prior to his treatments. he seems to be in more discomfort in colder weather with regards to his stiffness and lameness. is there anything i can do short of meds to help him? he dislikes taking meds and i''d rather save my pill techniques till he really needs antibiotics again. we live in the mountains of nh so we have quite a bit of snow (which he loves to play in, but pays for later on) and it gets really cold. any advice? thanks.
A: Try adding good joint supplement to his food such as super joint enhancer or glycoflex iii from 1800petmeds. you should also know that most vet schools including university of penn(leading research institutute in my opinion on lyme disease) as well as cornell dont recommend lyme vaccination because of concerns about safety and efficacy
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Feline - multiple problems Q: I have a 12 yr. old, full bred, chocolate point, siamese cat. she has several medical problems, including: runny eyes, stuffed up nose, painful sneezing with a light pink mucus discharge, open mouth breathing, and coughing spasms that sometimes border on what look like she''s going into convulsions. i''ve taken her to 4 vets thus far and no one seems to be able to decide on a diagnosis or the appopriate treatment. i feel so bad for her that she''s in this condition, and i don''t know what to do to help her. i have used clavamox in the past, which has cleared up the problems temporarily, but they always return. this has been going on for 2+ years. one vet said she had a nasal infection, another told me it was a herpes virus, another said she could have a brain tumor, and another said it was allergies and asthma. i''m so confused! her symptoms have been consistent throughout the entire time. if one clears up they all seem to. if one comes back, they all return. can you please get back to me and decipher all of this conflictual information - and give me a diagnosis and treatment approach. i would appreciate it... and so would my cat. i am willing to do whatever is necessary to help her overcome this problem. thank you. (by the way, you should also know that we have another cat in the house, a seal point siamese, who has never contracted any of this despite the fact that he shares the same bedding, food bowls, and litter box with her. )
A: If you wish to pursue further diagnostics i would see a vet specialist or internist to sort through this. likely allergic/asthmatic based given breed and signs you say, etc, but need to see directly. also i would consider holistic vet consult in a pet this age as cortisone treatments likely only thing you will get out of conventional workups unless brain tumor found, etc

Treatment Q: My 13yr. old terrier/poodle mix dog,buster,was diagnosed in jan04 with an enlarged heart (2 1/2 x normal) and cogestive heart failure. he is currently on the following meds. digoxin (liquid) - .7ml 2xdaily enalapril (tablets) - 3.75mg 2xdaily salix (tablets) - 12.5mg 2xdaily i also give him cosequin 2xdaily he has trouble swallowing because of the size of his heart. is there any thing that can or should be done to help him. example - meds,vitamins,food. he also has weakness in his hind legs and his eyesight is going, but he''s my buddy. is anyone doing heart transplants on dogs? if so where? if not why not with all the dogs that are put to sleep each year? thank you!
A: Vet schools likely looking into transplants but not practical or cost effective for clients to use in most cases. in fact for kidney transplants can cost almost 10,000 dollars in cats which are currently available at specialty facilities. i would also give your dog vitamin known as coenzyme q-10 at dose of 30 mg daily which can get at health food store as well as giving extra vitamin e at dose of 200iu daily can also give herb known as hawthorne berry at dose of 100 mg daily which can help heart contractility
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Cat Q: After my cat sleeps all night long on our sheets there are these brown seed-like pods, 3/32 long, what are they? she is on revolution, (into the 2nd month). she had the them before i started it and she still has them. thanks
A: Take them to vet for id and treatment
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Heart worm and flea treatment Q: I recently rescued a stray jack russell terrier thats about 3 years old. i was curious as to which would be the best heartworm and flea medications to use. i searched your website and there is a big price range for heart worm products. ex: heartguard plus,heart guard plus generic, sentinel, interceptor and resolution. also the same with flea treatments. i also purchased a box of hartz 4 in 1 drops for fleas, ticks, mosquitos and flea eggs. its the kind you get at wal-mart. what is the difference between that and frontline plus, advantage, and advantix? also do you have any suggestions of what i should get done as far as vet visit and shots. i cant afford to spend alot of money on a stray that i''m trying to rescue thanks
A: The topical flea & tick products such as frontline or advantage are waterproof. i think a combination of iverhart plus and one of these products would be the most economical, but you can check our website for more far as the shot i think the univac 7, given once a year should do the job.
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Demodectic mange Q: My dog has been diagnosed with this type of mange, and mitaban dip was recommended as a dip. i cannot find this dip on your site, can you tell me if this is available through your website? many thanks. kat
A: Demodectic mange requires a treatment ordered by a veterinarian. you can mail the prescription to us, or to speed delivery, the office can phone it in or fax it to us.

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