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So What''s This All About Then - Cut To The Chase...

It''s a proven fact that over half of all computer errors are software related, and nothing at all to do with the physical mechanics of your PC.

Most of us are not experienced enough to roll up our sleeves, and delve into the unfathomable computer code that makes our PC''s tick.

Instead, we unplug the jungle of wiring, and reluctantly head off down to our local PC repair shop with the same dread we have when our car is due it''s annual service!


You''ll Have No Worry''s Any Longer, Guaranteed!

There is an alternative solution that only a select few (hundred thousand that is) have caught onto.

Most problems that cause your PC to run slowly, crash, show error messages, or generally just cause technical headaches are caused by errors in the windows registry.

The registry is the nervous system of your PC, and over time parts of it become corrupt due to many factors including install/uninstall of programs & spyware infection etc. This happens to virtually ALL computers in existence on the planet at some time or another.

Unfortunately, software is still not that stable, regardless of the billions of dollars that are spent in the development of the programs that we spend our ''hard earned cash'' on.


The Answer To Your Problems Is Here - Risk FREE Trial - Pay Absolutely Nothing!..

Our incredibly powerful software repair tool is called "ErrorNuker". It is a well proven diagnostic and repair tool, but not very well known to the general public - in fact the PC repair industry certainly DO NOT want you to know about this! It Could Cost Them Millions!

Our software scans your whole windows registry system for error''s, and cleans all the broken, and corrupt files that are causing your computer to fail.

In fact, we are so confident that you will find this product the "Answer to your Prayers", we believe that you should not pay a single penny for this softwareif no error''s are present within your PC, so we will give you the scanning tool ABSOLUTELY FREE to keep for life!

You may use the scanning tool as many times as you like, and never pay anything if no faults are found. Only pay if you decide to buy the registered version which will correct all your errors. The choice is freely yours!

Totally Free Download of Scanning Software with No Obligation

Ultra-Simple to Use, with Advanced Functions for the Experienced User

Instant Repair Of ALL Error''s Inside of Your PC''s registry

100%, 90 Day, No Quibble, Money Back Guarantee

Guaranteed to Save You Fortunes Compared to a PC Repair Shop

Certified 100% free of Spyware, Adware, and ALL other PC pests

No doubt you are here because your PC is misbehaving. Rest assured, if faults are found in your windows registry, our software will hunt down, and correct all of these error''s, and have your computer running the way it was on the day you first bought it...

So how much does it cost if I need to buy the registered version to fix the error''s in my PC?

Similar products are available for $130.00, which is why certain companies don''t disclose their prices on-screen.

''ErrorNuker'' could sell for that price or more, but we feel it would be more available to most people at $59.95.

However, it''s been decided that for a limited period, the price of the full registered version of ''ErrorNuker'' is just $39.95... And remember, this price is for a ''lifetime licence''. Some companies charge you again and again, month after month, year after year!

Bonus # 1: Free Life-Time Upgrades of ErrorNuker

You''ll get life-time upgrades of our full registered version of ErrorNuker. You pay only once for the repair software, and that entitles you to every future edition of your repair software to keep your PC in tip-top condition forever.

(Total value $97.00)

Bonus # 2: Free Life-Time Technical Support

You''ll get free life-time support of your full registered version of ErrorNuker software. Our support doesn''t run out after 12 months like most software suppliers.

(Total value $77.00)

"These two Free bonuses are easily worth many times the price of ErrorNuker alone. Think about it!.. Most software manufacturers think they are doing us a good deal by only charging half price for the latest upgrade of their product, year in - year out...

Plus, our email ''tech'' help department is second to none... for life!"

So, if you''re experiencing:

  • error messages on screen (DLL, Runtime, Syntax, etc)
  • slow boot-up''s, and slow running problems
  • system crashes or freezing
  • other computer glitches
  • just want to avoid these problems in the future...

Grab your free copy of our scanning software now.

You can enter our products page here, where you can download your Free copy of ''ErrorNuker'' scanning software. Run the simple scan and choose whether or not to unlock the full version of our repair tool to fix any error''s inside of your PC.

Remember, there is no obligation EVER to buy anything, and we will respect your privacy entirely by NOT pestering you, ever!

We wish you all the best, and look forward to providing you with trouble free computing for many years to come


P.S. Remember the risk is entirely on us. If you decide to use the complete registered version of ErrorNuker, and are not completely satisfied, we will offer you a complete and total 100% refund, no questions asked!

P.P.S. Ten minutes from now, you could be enjoying, trouble free computing, just like the day your PC was new out of the box!

P.P.P.S Join the 250,000+ ErrorNuker users who have experienced the alternative to expensive PC repairs, and if you would like a hard copy of ErrorNuker on CD, we will ship you a copy anywhere worldwide.