Wat 's de beste plek om te spelen op de Blackjack Vegas strip

Wat 's de beste plek om te spelen op de Blackjack Vegas strip

abebopmana asked:

Wat laag minimum-en-voorschriften worden betrokken, dat casino''s over de strip de beste Blackjack-tafels? BTW, wil ik ze op Mirage in begin augustus, dus alles wat zich in die directe omgeving is een pluspunt.

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  1. There are a few casinos that still offer pretty low limits and considerate rules when playing blackjack in Vegas. Here are some of them:

    1. Las Vegas Club casino - its in downtown vegas, part of the older, but good casinos. It offers the VERY best rules for blackjack. For instance, you can even hit an additional card after splitting aces - if you play BJ a lot, then you know how good this rule can be. Plus they let you double down in more situations than other casinos, offer less decks per shoe, etc. They have fairly low limits too - usually they have $10 tables and $5 minimums all day long - sometimes even as low as $3, but rarely.

    2. Slots of Fun - not a very good casino by any means, but here there are $2 and $3 BJ tables with a very casual atmosphere (nice way of saying kinda old and dated casino - but at least you can play low limit all day long). Slots of fun is the closest casino to the Mirage (about a 15-20min walk or a short 5min bus ride away).

    3. Sahara, Circus Circus, and Stratosphere - offer $5 BJ with a good atmosphere pretty much all day, except for when it gets realy busy on FRi and Sat nights. They also have poker rooms and other good games with lower than average limits for a Strip casino.

    4. Harrah’s and Casino Royale - these casinos have low limits and pretty decent odds - but are not really that enjoyable to gamble at. They are the pretty much across the street from the Mirage though, and are the lowest minmums in the Mirage Casino area.

    I personally prefer a little higher limits and usually gamble at MGM Grand and NewYorkNewYork (and sometimes Bellagio and Wynn). Nothing crazy, just have better luck there - and the players seems to be a little better (as they are playing for more money).

    Have fun man, and hope this helps - good luck!

  2. Melicita on September 19th, 2006 4:31 pm

    Ik wilde alleen maar gooien deze die er zijn - de meeste hotels op de strip (zeker MGM, Mirage, Luxor) zijn $ 5 tafels in de ochtend (6am-10u) is er meestal minder mensen uit en ik heb gevonden ik doen als ik beter "m vers & uncrowded ….. de dealers ook de neiging om" helpen "meer als ze omgaan met minder mensen en gewoon proberen om mensen aan de tafels. Veel plezier & Good Luck!

  3. kappy on September 20th, 2006 5:48 am

    You might have better luck checking out the tables downtown

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